Summary of Activities
AOPA-J has been established in 1968 and became a member of IAOPA in 1978.  We represent and promote the interests of general aviation to the Japanese Government and related authorities. Of particular priority is the campaign to achieve greater access to airports, efforts to control the cost of flying and influence the legislation process in order to appropriately address the requirements of GA.

One of our goals is to harmonize Japanese aviation regulation with other countries to the benefit of Japan. We will strengthen our efforts to demonstrate to the Japanese authorities and the general public that general aviation is not only useful but essential  for the public wellbeing and is as well a wonderful individual’s pastime – not only for the elite, but the ordinary person.  AOPA-Japan will continue to conduct domestic and international fly-in’s and emergency drills for demonstration.

Safety is no accident. Pilot error is the major cause of accidents, therefore training to improve flight skills and safety seminars are our top priority.  We have set up three new committees, Flight Education, Legal Liaison, and Insurance. Specialist volunteers will answer member inquiries as well as proving regular seminars on these issues.

On the social side, AOPA Japan regularly organizes "Fly-In's" to many of the beautiful destinations Japan has to offer. Visiting pilots are always cordially invited to join, and we would be happy to arrange a Japanese safety pilot.  

AOPA-issues a bi-monthly Newsletter, to inform about our most recent activities and all important issues concerning GA in Japan. Further our members have mobile phone access to the Airport HP, providing essential and up to date information on all GA airports, also the very small ones, in Japan.

Most pilots in Japan dream of making an international flight. But. flying south means expensive handling fees. Flight to north means crossing the Russian border, requiring a Russian navigator onboard (thus their fee) is mandatory.  It is not practical for recreational flyers. While it still is a dream, we would like to develop a VFR route via  Russia to Alaska.  Also the Alaska Airmen's Association has been working on a Russian VFR route.  In 2002 Hokkaido to Yuzhno – Sakhalinsk (UHSS) was flown VFR by AOPA-J members.  From the other side, the Alaskans flew VFR from Nome (PAOM) to Provideniya (UHMD). Our regular destinations for  joint international flights are Korea and the Phillipines. 

Our long term Vision is to substantially enhance Japanese general aviation. If we would succeed in having 3,000 registered airplanes, cost of owning an airplane should be less than half of that today.

I. Imahashi, President AOPA-J

Our Mission
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Japan or AOPA-J is a Non-Profit-Organization (NPO) serving the interests and needs of its members as aircraft owners, pilots and aviation enthusiasts.  AOPA-J establishes, maintains, and articulates positions of leadership to promote the economy, safety, utility, and popularity of flight in general aviation aircraft.