Bibai Airport
  AOPA-JAPAN Hokkaido           STEEGER PETER

  Quite a few years ago we decided to move to H o k k a i d o o n c e I q u i t working for my employer Bosch. Naturally I had to look for a place to put my airplane. At the same time I also wanted to start a small business to rent hangar space at lowest possible cost in order to grow General Aviation in Hokkaido and to help friends to find a home for their airplanes. Initially I set my eyes on Okadama airport and actually had, after initialy JCAB hot even talk to me, positive discussions with JCAB for a couple of times.
  There was land available and the price of the lease advised by JCAB was affordable. However, after we went this far, JCAB was approached by another big aviation company which wanted also to build a hangar at the same place, so I had no chance to win and gave up on this plan. Fortunately, by introduction from MRJ to Bibai city I got to make my proposal the respective departments at the City hall. As usual in Japan it took some time to build trust and a relationship and last year I fi nally finished my project and the hangars are ready to use – just in time for my move to Hokkaido in December last year.
  The airport is open from May-November, but we can fly in April as soon as the snow is melted.
Since Bibai airport is a agricaltual airport we need to apply for 79条with JCAB, but it will be granted for the whole year. Also “Bibai Flight Service” at 130 . 75 was reopened in August this year and should be used when fl ying close to Bibai airport.
  Presently I am the only operator, so please do not be surprised if there is no answer, but I plan to attend the radio whenever there will be multiple aircraft arriving.
  I was very happy to get a call from Hatanaka san in June and before that from Tomioka san: AOPA-J would like to hold a fly-in at Bibai airport. We could quickly agree on the date and preparation began. Of course it is a lot of work, but I hoped it would be a lot of fun for all attending and help a little in promoting GA with the city. Bibai city has a very nice ryokan with Onsen to stay, it is called Yurinkan Pipano, but because it is nice, is it also often completely booked over the weekend. We could not use it for this event completely, but if anybody is coming in the future, please use this place for the overnight stay.
  Prior to the big day, Bibai city prepared the airport nicely, all grass was cut and two employees were waiting to help with anything. About 10 aircrafts were scheduled to attend, incl. the Maule at the field. Most were parked at the grass close to apron and on the apron itself. Weather was wonderful and this was the first day “Bibai Flight Service” operated at full speed. Hakozaki san helped with the marshaling and in no time everybody arrived and parked well, except for one latecomer.
  From the photo of Bibai airport in this issue you will see it is wonderful big airfild and I personally hope it can become a JCAB approved airport in the near future. This year airport operations will increase dramatically compared to last year and on many Sundays we hope to have skydiving activities Further the JCAB approval for all aircraft which attended the fly-in will be maintained this year as well as for the years to come, so everybody is invited to visit Bibai airport again anytime. Please contact me anytime for a visit. Happy Flying!


美唄農道空港全景。フライインしたAOPA 会員機が並んで います。


〔ステーガーさんの英文を箱崎会員が訳してください ました。〕
 わずか2、3 年前の事ではありますが、それまで勤めていたBOSCH(ボッシュ)社を退職した後、 私たちは北海道への引っ越しを決断しました。
 また同時に、北海道でのジェネアビ拡大の為にも、 最小限のコストで格納スペースを提供できる小さなビジネスを始めようと考え、友人らの飛行機の定置場所探しなどの手伝いを始めました。
 まず最初に、私は丘珠空港に目をつけ実際に働きかけを行いましたが、お決まりの門前払い、しかしその後も数回にわたりCAB と積極的に議論をしました。
 丘珠空港には活用できる土地があり、CABから提案されたリース価格は入手可能な範囲にありました。しかしながらその後、我々が申し入れた同じ場所に対して大手航空会社がCAB にハンガー建設を持ちかけたため、私は勝機を失いこの計画自体を諦めざるを得なくなりました。
 日本では当然ですが、信頼関係を築くにはかなりの時間がかかりました。そして昨年末、私はついに念願のプロジェクトを終え、待望のマイハンガーとして昨年12 月、北海道への私の引っ越しにちょうど間に合う形で準備が整いました。
 美唄農道空港は5月から11 月までがオープン期間ですが、4 月に雪が溶けさえすれば、すぐにでも私たちは飛ぶことができます。
 なお美唄は農道離着陸場なので、航空法79 条(ただし書き)の許可申請をCAB にする必要がありますが1年間有効です。
 同様に、130.75 の「美唄フライトサービス」が今年8 月に再開されましたので近づきましたらコンタクトが必要です。
 今回6 月に畑仲さんから、冨岡さんからフライインのお声がけをいただきとても嬉しく思います。
AOPA-J が、美唄空港でフライインを行う事となったのです。

 来るべきBIG-DAY のために、美唄市は空港の全ての草を刈り取り整備して下さり、2 人の職員まで手伝いのために派遣して下さいました。
 約10 機の飛行機を受け入れることとなり、当日は各機がエプロンとグラスエリアに整然と並びました。
 今回のニュースに掲載されている美唄空港の写真をご覧になれば、ここがいかに素晴らしく大きな離着陸場であるかがお分かりになりますし、個人的にはここが近い将来、CAB に承認されるような空港になることを期待しています。
 今後さらに、この様なフライインがCAB に認知され続け、年を追ってますます増えていくことを期待します。
 Happy Flying !